Miskatonic Adventures

New Mission
To the coast

     Our crew was summoned from different parts of Maine by a mysterious, anonymous note. They were to meet at 3pm on a Friday and an office at Miskatonic University. There they met the department head of the Miskatonic Department of Acquisitions and External Affairs, Mr. Lawrence. In the meeting was also the bursar Mr. Thompson.

     They were informed that the department had various "jobs" at times and that the department board was impressed by how they group worked together in the past.

     In the town of Andershire on the coast of Maine, the body of a young man was discovered. Being a small fishing village, this was unusual, but what brought it to the attention of the department, is the report of a second young man gone missing. The group accepts the investigation of this incident, but were warned by Mr Thompson to be wary of spending the universities money too freely, and that all future receipts were going to be scrutinized by him personally.

     The group checked out a university tour bus, and headed for the Coast the next day. They arrived at around noon, and were immediately greeted by the local proprietor Arthur Cabbot. He has a general store/post office/boarding house called Arthur Cabbot Enterprises. The doctor greets him, realizing the doctor  is German, Mr Cabbot starts speaking to him in passable German. explaining he learned it duriing the Great War.

     The group gets settled in at the boarding house run by Mr Cabbot and proceed to interrogate the constable Mt X. Mr X is obviously very young and out of his depth. He is new at his job, his father had it before him, and his father's father before him. His report was a one page description of the crime scene. His description was not very helpful, but he does relate that the body had already been interred.

     Our doctor wants to investigate the body, and not one to be deterred by such trivialities and a burial, proceeds to head towards the cemetery (at the local monastery).

     Here the party splits. Bill, Tod and Neil head to the cemetery, while Kate and David stop halfway to investigate the scene of the crime.

     Tod's group (with the help of a couple locals toughs) start to dig up the recently deceased. While this is happening, they are spotted by a brown robed monk, who runs back into the monastery. Shortly an older man in monks robes appears and shouts for the group to stop. There is a breif contest of wills between Tod and the priest, with the priest prevailing.


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